A title? How absurd!

I’m down almost 13 pounds this month, woohoo!




princess peach being hardcore

Peach has lived most of her life in castles filled with lava
She spent her vacation hot-tubbing it up in an active volcano
She has been kidnapped to space
And the one time she actually got pissed off, she starred in her own game and rescued everyone with the power of emotion.
You think a tiny little laser explosion will break that iron princess demeanor?
Bitch, please.
Peach will wreck you.







shhhhh be quiet the social justice bloggers will hear you



the world when its 6 am and you havent slept all night

the world when it is 6am and you have just woken up

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Oh shit, it’s a totally NSFW preview of our Rock Cocks comic for Slipshine! Unfortunately, the preview doesn’t have some of the finer things that the full comic will be getting, like words and color. Leslie wanted to do some screentone experiments to see how well she could do a black and white comic, and I think it came out AMAZINGLY. Leslie did an amazing job in B&W, but the energetic world of the Rock Cocks can only be fully appreciated in color. I can’t wait to get this whole comic out, it’s seriously going to be one of the most beautiful things Leslie has ever produced.
Expect the full Rock Cocks comic (with text and color) sometime soon!